Album – Victorious – The Perishers

Posted by admin on September 18th, 2007

I find it amazing that a band as good as this can be on their third album and yet have barely made a blip on my music radar. Some of this could be the fact that they hail from Sweden, so maybe their earlier albums, were a pretty low key affair. Whatever the reason, I’m sure their low profile is soon to be a thing of the past, as when I first heard this album, I was absolutely blown away. It didn’t help that I got the album over a month before it’s official release, which meant that while I could enjoy listening to it over and over again, I couldn’t post a review, as it’s Indie Launchpads policy to only post reviews of bands/artists who actually have their albums/EPs available for purchase or download.

The album opens with “Midnight Skies”, setting the tone very well for what’s to come. There’s a real dark side to this album, but it’s balancing on a knifes edge, between that and an almost hopeless optimism. Starting at a real slow tempo, things soon pick up and you feel like there’s an inner spirit dying to break out. Too and fro, from laid back and mellow to upbeat. “Never Bloom” reminds me a lot of some early Morrissey stuff. “Carefree” is probably the most radio friendly track on the album, but that’s in no way a complaint. That Morrissey sound comes back with “My Own”, not so much with the vocals, but the phrasing of the lyrics and the basic understated melody.

“Victorious” is another more radio friendly track, which I’m sure would also sound great live. There’s all but a hint of an accent here, and on a few of the other tracks, but you’d be pretty hard pressed too guess that this is a Swedish band. There’s certainly some parallels between the Perishers and the Norwegian powerhouse band, A-Ha. Both having a very distinctive sound and know how to craft well written and catchy songs.

Everytrack has that certain something. That undefinable ingrediant, that makes magic. I’ve read reviews of some of the bands other releases and seen a few people mention, how this album is not as good as some of their previous stuff. I find that hard to believe, but am quite willing to be proved wrong. Either way I’ll end up with amazing music.

Conclusion : Simply a stunning album, that’s been in constant rotation on my stereo and I’m sure will be for a long time to come.

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