Album – Good Night – William Fitzsimmons

Posted by admin on September 19th, 2007

Mellow is probably a bit of an understatement when talking about Goodnight from William Fitzsimmons. I found out about William via another artist, Ingrid Michaelson, who I’ve also been trying to review. I saw Ingrid recommmend a few other artists on her MySpace page and knew instantly upon hearing William’s music that here was something truly magic.

This 13 track album opens with “It’s Not True”, with vocals that are barely more forceful than a whisper. Indeed the whole album is very much of this style, so while you are not going to put the album on to get the adrenalin flowing, it’s a good album to do the exact opposite, so lay back and let the world pass you by. Whilst being mainly acoustic, there are subtle hints of electronica, namely I think either drum machines or sequencers, but it’s very well thought out and doesn’t kill the flavour of the music.

Due to the style of this album, it’s really hard to pick out killer tracks, but several come to mind as ones I partcularly enjoyed. “It’s Not True” being probably my favorite track on the album, closely followed by “Everything has Changed” and “Please Don’t Go”, which also features vocals by Ingrid Michaelson. Funnily enough, I found this last piece of information on William’s MySpace page, and as coincidence would have it, these three tracks also feature on William’s MySpace player.

Conclusion : Certainly an album that you’ll need to conciously chooseto play, rather than haphzardly throw on, but once those lilting music and lyrics wash over you, you can be sure that your fractured soul will nicely heal.

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