Album – Walk On – Kellie Coffey

Posted by admin on September 18th, 2007

Country is not a genre of music, I usually have a lot of time for. However on the odd occasion, an artist appears that manages to strike the right chord. I was approached by the marketing company representing Kellie and given her MySpace details. The first song I heard was “I Would Die for That” and I can honestly say I was genuinely moved, not just by the subject matter, a woman coping with infertility, but also by Kellie’s wonderful and emotive voice. I knew that this was going to be an artist I had to review. After listening to the album just once, I was blown away and it continues to capture a bigger space in my music heart.

Kellie is one of those artists that has travelled the major label route, and now finds herself an independent artist. Major lable’s loss, is indie’s gain.

The album begins with “Walk On”, which certainly has hints of dare I say it, Shania Twain. Certainly when you get to the chorus, you feel like that hint of familiarity, which is not always a bad thing. While this track is definitely more pop than country, the roles are reversed with the next track “When Pigs Fly”, with it’s banjo and fiddle accompaniment. “Everything She Never Wanted” also has that very country feel, but it’s not all out, full on country and it’s not really pop, but falls just in that middle catchment area, which is probably why it appeals to me so much. “Strong Enough to Cry” is a nice platform for Kellie’s great voice and it’s probably here that I really began to notice the great production on this track and indeed the rest of the album.

As I mentioned before “I Would Die for That” is an absolutely killer track, that is sure to melt all but the coldest hearts. There’s also a video for this track, which you can find pretty easily on YouTube. “I Thought I Knew You Well” has a tune that reminds me of a track from another band, more specifically the guitar accompaniment, but it is a great melodic, laid back track, with a wonderful hook for a chorus.

OK, so everything has been going swimmingly, well that was until I got to “Bandwagon”. This track for me, while being fun and light hearted, is just a bit too square dance for me and always has me reaching for the [Next] button, when close to hand. The final 5 tracks are totally in keeping with the rest of the album, rounding off with “There You Go Again”, which while fairly downbeat, provides a fitting end, to a wonderful journey.

Conclusion : Aside from a single track that is maybe a little too, jingle, jangle country for me, this is an incredible album, that’s really made me sit up and listen to country, so no mean feat in itself. I can’t wait to see what comes over the horizon from Kellie and can thoroughly recommend this album, if you like good music, lyrics and a voice that is both sensual and full of raw emotion. Truly wondrous.

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