Indie Launchpad Reboot

Posted by admin on February 7th, 2021

As many regulars to Indie Launchpad (yes there are still some) will have noticed, content has been a little on the sparse side. When I started Indie Launchpad I had the best intentions in the world, with the simple task of finding what I thought was the best indie music and giving it an additional audience. Things started slow, but I have to say, I had so much fun. Every now and then I would find an artist that would blow me away, and many of them I am still listening to now, like Hollow Horse, Rinaldi Sings, The Weepies, Val Emmich, Tom Geiger, 3 Blind Mice, Passenger, Clever Bastards, to name but a few. However with success there is always a downside.

At the height of Indie Launchpad, I was receiving about 50 CD’s (remember those) and about 1,500 emails a week. The focus of Indie Launchpad was always to find great music. I wasn’t interested in hanging out to dry stuff I didn’t like, as for all music there is always an audience. I just wanted to show people the music I loved. So with so many CD’s coming in and so much email, much of which ended up coming from PR companies, it became harder and harder to focus in on the gems within. When something becomes hard work, it gets harder and harder to summon the strength to wade through the many, many emails and CDs to find that nugget within.

Forward wind a few years and I kept coming back to Indie Launchpad, trying to summon the energy to get things back on a more sound footing. Kind of hard, when there’s thousands of emails, waiting to be ploughed through. I kept going back, emptying the in-box and saying to myself “Yeah I’ll come back more frequently and try to go through the emails when they come in, but still the sheer volume was the problem”. So what now?

I’m going to try something new, like going back to the early days. I’m going to zero my in-box today and then try to check it every day. I’m going to un-submit from all of the mailing lists I seem to have found myself attached to, so hopefully I will get back to a more manageable, relevant in-box. This may take a while, but in the meantime if you’re still reading hear’s what you can do. Take a look through the archives of reviews already done. Take a listen to a couple of the podcasts. If you feel your music is a good fit and think it’s something I’d like, by all means send me an email, but be sure to put *REBOOT* in the subject head, this will allow me in the short term, to zero in on the bands and artists who have managed to take the time to ready this message. To everyone else, I’m hoping that these little measures will allow me to get back to finding amazing music and bringing it to a wider audience. To all of the people I have worked with in the past, I have to say a huge thank you and hope many of your understand he need to make some changes.

Here’s to 2021. Take care.


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