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Album – Something for Rockets – Something for Rockets

Posted by admin on 24th October 2005

Something for Rockets(SFR) is one of those bands that’s hard to categorize. One minute their rock, the next pop and then they some dance into the mix. No matter what you call them, infectious rock needs the volume turned up and this is certainly infections.

I first heard SFR on a cable TV show called The Screen Savers. The show featured a new band every Thursday and this night it was SFR. On first listen I wasn’t overly impressed, but there was something very catchy about the song they played, All OK. A couple of months passed, when I accidentally caught a repeat of the show and heard again the song. I decided to check out my usual music sources and found that had the album. Well at $8.88, the purchase was a no brainer and one that I’ve had going full blast in my car many times since.

Although SFR don’t yet have the coverage they deserve, their site has lots of information and indeed on their forums, there’s the occasional offer of CD’s of their live performances, with the full blessing of the band. This is a band that screams for some Podcasting attention, but none so far.

One thing I would like to hear from the band, is a couple of cover songs, something that would give them some easier accessibility to the new listener. I tried thinking about it for a while and I’d love to hear something like… well I’ve thought about it long and hard and I can’t think of a thing. Suffice to say if I do think of some songs, I shall comment to this post.

Conclusion : Give the sample song a try and if you like it, go to the bands site or to, where you can hear all of the songs on the album.

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