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Album – Smoke and Clouds – William Hart Strecker

Posted by admin on 18th March 2008

If there’s one thing I can appreciate, even if I don’t like the songs, it’s the musical accompaniment, which here is fantastic. Fortunately the 13 tracks on William Hart Strecker’s new album are also pretty darn good too.

I’m always wary when playing an unsolicited CD for the first time, as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, but my trepidation soon vanished as the opening track “Round and Round” began to play. There’s something in William’s voice that at times reminds me of Tom Robinson and at other times reminds me of Steely Dan’s, Donald Fagen, with even a hint of Springsteen, interspersed here and there. It’s one of those pleasant voices that is very easy to listen to and follow. I did however have a slight pause for thought, when “Dreaming California” started to play, as I could detect a hint of latter day Dylan, and this is not a direction I wanted the album to take. Fortunately it was a false alarm.

Throughout the 13 tracks, there’s an interesting mix of influences, from country and blues, to rock and R&B, but it’s predominantly rock that is the glue that holds this album together. One of my particular favorite track is “Take Me Back” which is a poignant look back at memories of yesteryear. This is one of those tracks that really feels personal and auto biographical, whether it really is or not. It’s also a track I couldn’t help but play another half a dozen times or so, after first hearing it.

The final track “The Waiting’s Over” is a really simple track, with bare vocals, over a simple piano accompaniment and is a joy to listen to.

Conclusion : An album that really feels like someone’s soul has been immersed in it. At times upbeat and other times, reflective and thought provoking. This is not an album, I would have otherwise looked at getting in, but am glad it managed to find it’s way to me.

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