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EP – The Ground Floor EP – Flinders

Posted by admin on 3rd July 2007

Discovered via mySpace, this artist really made me sit up and take stock, as it was something a little different and that is always a good thing, in a music scene that can sometimes feel a little stale. The opening track on this four track EP, “Boxes Burning” opens with a wonderful layered, vocal canon, providing the sound bed for most of the track. In fact it has the feel of an acapella track, with just the merest foray into a more traditional rock sound. This style continues into the next track “Running Start” and it’s here that you can hear the vaguest hint of a lilting Irish accent, of the brains behind Flinders, Philip Flynn.

“Kicking an Open Door” takes a more acoustic turn, at the beginning at least and provides an interesting alternate face to the Flinders sound. I love the guitar and vocal mix, which starts very light and mellow, but builds into a much darker, more forceful sound, with the light guitar sound, continuing underneath.

The final track “Mean Man (Three Words)”, is probably my least favorite track on the EP. Again another side of Flinders shows itself, but here, there’s an almost Led Zepplin feel to the vocals, which was a bit of a turn off for me, but that’s music for you. It’s all horses for courses.

Conclusion : Something a little different, but very memorable. I’m really looking forward to hearing a Flinders album in the future, especially if the earlier musical styles are prevalent. Great stuff.

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