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Album – Get On With It – Caves

Posted by admin on 14th October 2008

  • Band / Artist : CavesmySpace
  • Genre : Minimalist / Progressive / Glam
  • Sample Track Download : Closure
  • Buy CD : CD Baby
  • Buy Digital Download : iTunes
  • Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Maybe I’m an old fart who likes to dwell in past musical glory, but here’s an album, that draws on many of the bands, that I grew up with, The Specials, The Clash, The Cure and many others, most of whom strangely seem to begin with “The”. Hearing that undeniable similarity, but with a modern sheen, is a brilliant feast for my ears. On the bands website their genres are listed as Minimalist, Progressive and Glam. Not wishing to contradict them, but I would more put them at Rock, with a hint of Reggae and Ska. You could probably add to that a touch of Pop, but this is by no means a pop record, as it feels lot more grown up, but then maybe that’s my memories skewing my thoughts.

The CD opens with “Curiosity” and it’s hear that The Specials came to mind. Vocally however there a hint of something more theatrical, which I suppose is where they see the Glam coming in. The title track “Get On With It”, filled in the missing piece, of the band I was trying to think of when making comparison, that band being The Beat, or The English Beat as they were known in North America. This band fits them like a glove, but a loose fitting glove, as they manage to carve out a sound all of their own, but the influence is unmistakable, even if in all probability it’s totally accidental.

This is another one of those albums, that just flies by in a blink of an eye. Not that 45 minutes is too short a length, it’s just the result of well crafted music, which washes over you. Particular tracks of note for me are the aforementioned title track, “I Lied” which is one of those tracks that starts relatively slowly and builds nicely. Rounding off my picks for the album are “Without Thinking” and “You(Plus)Me”.

The only song I felt slightly missed the mark was “Samurai”, which has a much darker tone and a much different sound than the rest of the album and for that reason stood out and just jutted out like an awkward angle.

Conclusion : A fantastic find and an album that proved effortless to listen to. Really excited to see what the band comes out with next.

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