Album – Heart Gone Sober – Jason Vigil

Posted by admin on August 5th, 2007

I’ve had Jason’s album for a while, but didn’t sit down and really listen to it till recently. As soon as the opening track “You I’m Thinking” began, I had that real head smacking moment, of “Why didn’t I review this earlier?”. While the music reminds me of many different artists, there’s definitely a flash of something different bubbling underneath and the further you get into the album, the more the originality surfaces to the top.

Many of the tracks, whilst being great pop songs, seem to lack that certain spark. This is highlighted even more when you hear the song “Sad Month” featuring a much more stripped back production, with just Jason and a guitar. In fact the album for me comes alive in the last four tracks, where you feel that Jason’s personality really starts flowing through the pores.

On the whole this is a really enjoyable album, but as mentioned earlier, the latter tracks are where the album really comes into it’s own.

Conclusion : Certainly a talent to keep an eye on. I’d love to hear more stripped down tracks, to really get a feeling of what Jason can really do.

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