Album – Heights of the Heavens – We The Living

Posted by admin on August 5th, 2007

Although this is a relatively new band, their history can be traced back to a previously reviewed band on Indie Launchpad called The Profits. They were one of my early reviews with their album “Far From You and Your Everyday Noise”. I’m always very skeptical when a band morphs, but I needn’t have worried. This is an absolutely stellar album.

Their 10 track album, “Heights of the Heavens” opens with “Typical”, a track that screams for radio airplay. The vocals are just sheer magic, blending emotion with the merest hint of angst. It’s not the kind of track I would normally want to hear an album open with, as it’s relatively slow, but here it just works. Track 3, “Half the Girl” has a much rockier feel to it, but it’s the vocals that again standout. Whether it’s experience or just someone well connected with the lyrics being sung, I don’t know, but they work exceedingly well.

“London Rain” may be familiar to fans of The Profits, as it is one of two tracks featured on this album, that was also on The Profits last album. The second track “Atlantic” is also funnily enough the track that follows. Both tracks are quite a bit shorter than their earlier takes. “London Rain” losing 40 seconds, while “Atlantic” is over a minute shorter. Listening to both version of each track side by side, proves quite interesting. The newer version of “London Rain” shows a much better production, giving much more emphasis to the vocals, which I found at times, drowned out on The Profits album. “Atlantic” is a different take, and while again the vocals have been given a much needed boost, musically I prefer the Profits version.

The album rounds of with an interesting take on the Jackson’s classic “Ain’t no Sunshine” which I have to admit left me a bit cold, but not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for this album.

Conclusion : BUY! BUY! BUY! Yes indeedy a cracking album. If you were a fan of The Profits, picking this up is a no brainer. Even if you have never heard of The Profits before then this is still a no brainer. Thoroughly recommended.

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