Single – Dreamer – Jenn Grant

Posted by admin on August 5th, 2007

It’s not often I cover singles, but when I got this one in, I just had to post something, as it was too good to pass up. Jenn Grant is just one of the amazing talents to come out of Canada, or specifically in this case Prince Edward Island (PEI). Jenn’s had 1 EP and an album out so far, with this track and indeed the second coming from the 2006 album Orchestra for the Moon.

The instant I heard the guitar intro of “Dreamer” I knew I was going to like it a lot. As soon as I heard Jenn’s vocals I was smitten. There’s a very definite Canadian feel to both tracks, but ask me what constitutes a Canadian feel and I’d be hard pushed to define it. The second track “Britt n’ Kipp”, starts with a very interesting, almost country sound. Actually it’s not country, but a sort of country hybrid. This is rapidly replaced with a more folksy sound. There are however numerous sounds gelled together making this a very interesting track to listen to.

Conclusion : A wonderful voice and indeed talent. I haven’t yet heard the album from which these track are taken, but will be looking to add it to the review pile in the near future.

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