EP – Bible Bombastik – Salme Dahlstrom

Posted by admin on April 26th, 2006

At 5′ 11″, Salme is a smorgasbord of good looks, great singing and catchy tunes, what more can you ask for. Well a few hundred thousand and a Porsche 911 would be good, but who am I kidding. Hailing originally from Sweden, Salme has made the US her home and Bible Bombastik marks her second release.

One thing that can ease the pain of poor songs, is a voice that oozes sexual chemistry. However when you combine that sexual chemistry with great songs, that are both upbeat and oh so catchy, you have a winner on your hands, or rather Salme does. The more I listen to this EP, the more it feels like the sounds of Summer. Not wishing to put these songs in the same class as those awful songs that become popular in European holiday destinations during the summer, but they are every bit as catchy as the Macarena and the Birdy song, but so much more accomplished (I can’t believe I just compared Salme to the Birdy song.. errr sorry Salme).

I have to say my favorite song on this EP is predictably “Hello California”, it’s just so damn catchy. What is surprising about this track, is that Salme wrote it for consideration as the theme tune for the popular TV show, Joey. They chose not to use it, but their loss is our gain. A couple of other tracks I particularly love are “Thinking About It… Baby” with it’s almost Elvis like jangly guitar intro and “Take It Off Baby”, cracking stuff.

Conclusion : Spring has arrived and this EP brings a reminder of what the summer brings. With this pumping out of your car stereo, the summer can come a few months early.

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