EP – Broken – I Am Jen

Posted by admin on April 24th, 2006

This is a wonderful EP, that combines delicate, almost haunting female vocals with a subdued electronic soundtrack. Take 2 parts Suzanne Vega, 2 parts Massive Attack and 1 part Tangerine Dream and this is probably what you’d end up with.

“I am Jen” is Jen Scaturro, an New York native, who put the whole EP together herself in her apartment, including the vocals, synth and all other instruments. This is such an accomplished first outing, that thoroughly deserves to do well. Originally released in 2004, but more recently getting a second airing with the help of numerous podcasts.

Opening with “Broken in all the Right Places”, this is a track with almost thematic aspirations and a good introduction to the sound of the overall EP. It is however “At the Same Time” that stands out for me. Everything about this track is just so right, from the opening drums and the light electronic underpinnings, to the beautiful vocals, that subdue the senses and gives you that warm fuzzy glow. “Something” to me is where the Tangerine Dream dream influence comes in, with an electronic sound that is just so reminiscent of the songs on the soundrack of the Tom Cruise film, Risky Business. “What It Means” rounds things off nicely, the only downside is highlighted when the EP finishes, but that can soon be rectified by hitting the play button once again.

Conclusion : “I am Jen” is definitely a name to watch for in the future. I’m hoping the very near future, as I would dearly love to see what Jen could do with a full album.

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