EP – O Captain! My Captain! – Preston Edmands

Posted by admin on February 1st, 2008

Some people no doubt get a bit fed up of me constantly making comparisons to other artists, but sometimes there’s a benefit for readers to Indie Launchpad in that they are able to effectively zoom in on a band or artists if they know who they are similar to. Upon putting this CD on, within seconds I came up with the Boo Radleys, a band who enjoyed huge success in the 90’s before splitting up. Actually coincidentally Martin Carr, went on to form Brave Captain, whose album I reviewed back in March 2006 and which was quite a departure from his Boo Radley’s days. Anyway I’m getting off track.

“Incident After” opens this 3 track EP and you are immediately greeted by a very warm, relaxed sound. As I said before if you know the Boo Radleys, this is going to come as a very complimentary EP to your collection. “Steel Trap Attacks” has a great acoustic sound and in fact it was this track were the acoustic guitar really came to my attention, even though it was used extensively on the previous track. I’m a sucker for many instruments, the acoustic guitar being one of them. It does help however when it’s used effectively as it has here. The final track “My Fire” is my favorite track and while I thoroughly enjoyed the EP, I have to admit there was a certain fire missing. Some of this is down to the musical style, but I felt there was a certain something missing.

Conclusion : A great laid back sound, which really works as a 3 track EP, but I think I would have some concerns for a full length album. Here’s looking forward to being proved wrong.

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