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Posted by admin on February 1st, 2008

  • Band / Artist : I Am JenmySpace
  • Genre : Pop / Electronica
  • Sample Track Download : N/A
  • Buy CD : CD Baby
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  • Rating : 8 out of 10

Having reviewed Jen Scaturro’s previous EP under the name I Am Jen, back in April 2006, when I heard she had released another EP recently (cough well over 4 months now), I had to get it in for review. There’s something wonderful about the way she fuses an electronic sound, with soft, raw vocals, resulting in something quite special. The EP opens with “My Other”, which is a treat for the ears, especially the sounds in the first few seconds. As soon as you hear Jen’s vocals, it’s hard to believe nearly 2 years have passed since the previous EP. Again with the title track, we have an aural feast, which has become something of a hallmark for Jen’s music. I hear the great production and it’s hard to believe this is all recorded in her apartment. “Invisible”, while being the longest track on the EP, seems to end in a blink of an eye, another thing that really enforces how good this music is.

Interestingly enough though, my favorite track on this 4 track EP is “Blowing my Mind”, which uncharacteristically for Jen, has not an electronic sound in earshot, apart from the probable electronic, real sounding piano. There’s just something very warming about it, as it’s pretty much piano and vocals. It’s the kind of track you can imagine playing on the closing credits of a movie. Unfortunately the final track “I Can’t Explain” scuppers the clean sweep. There’s something very disjointed about the music and indeed the vocals. I have an inkling this is as intended, but to my ear it sound both disturbing and awkward and could easily have been left of the EP in my opinion.

On a quick side note, it has to be noted that the cover for this EP is decidedly simple. For anyone who has seen the YouTube video, “Making the Broken EP“, will appreciate why this probably is. Take a look anyway, as it really is a great video to watch.

Conclusion : Another cracking release from Jen, with just a mere blotch at the end. Here’s hoping it’s not another 2 years till the next release.

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