EP – Lord I’ve Been on Fire – B.C. Camplight

Posted by admin on July 3rd, 2007

I received this CD, unsolicited in the mail and must say, I wasn’t too enthused. This was mostly due to the rather uninspiring cover picture. However upon putting the EP in my stereo and hitting the play button, I was immediately blown away. The first and indeed title track, is just amazing. It seems to effortlessly encapsulate that summer, airy, carefree feeling. There are heavy Beach Boy undertones, with very familiar harmonies, A perfect fusions of infections melody, with great, clear upbeat vocals. But man, it’s the hook that snags, and boy does it snag big time. It’s been burrowing in my brain for a while and shows no sign of leaving anytime soon.

The second track “The Hip and Homeless” continues the Beach Boy sound. Whilst not as infections as the former track, it’s still an amazing track. In fact both of the initial two tracks, could be covers from the classic Pet Sounds album. I’m sure Brian Wilson would be very flattered.

The final track “Soy Tonto!” takes the mood down a tad, with a fairly laid back feel. The harmonies and lead vocals are there, but this track doesn’t have that vibrant energy that bristles through the previous 2 tracks.

Conclusion : A very appropriate release date for this EP, has ensured that it’s captures the summer, feel good factor. An absolute gem of a CD, which will have you humming the title song for months to come. Definitely a band I will be keeping tabs on in the future and I’m hoping to get my hands on the album, Blink Of A Nihilist very soon for a full review.

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