EP – In the Woods – Polly Paulusma

Posted by admin on March 31st, 2007

I love the many ways in which I find new artists. Many of my finds come from podcasts, mySpace, magazines and occasionally through word of mouth, which is probably my favorite way to learn about new artists, as it’s just incredible to see how animated and excited people can get when they are talking about their favorite artists.

Polly Paulusma, was actually recommended to me by a colleague at work She’d bought Polly’s album and just loved it. While talking about female vocalists, she mentioned Polly’s name to me and I was off, like a racehorse out of the starting gate. I listened to a few tracks of hers on mySpace and boom, loved what I heard. Within a week I had Polly’s new single in my grubby little hands and what a joy it is.

The first track, “The Woods” is a really subdued offering, reminiscent of Alanis Morrisette, but with an unmistakable English twang. It’s rather a long track at just under 5 minutes 30 seconds, but it doesn’t feel like a drawn out track. The second and indeed final track, “Put Your Suitcase Down”, has a more folksy sound to it. Polly’s voice has a smoke and huskiness to it, which gives it a real character and flavour. It also really evokes a sense of emotion and is just a joy to listen to.

Conclusion : As I said before, this was a great find for me and with a new album coming out sometime in May, I’m really looking forward to listening to it.

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