Album – Faultline – Adrienne Pierce

Posted by admin on March 31st, 2007

When I reviewed Adrienne’s last release, the EP Hors D’Ouvres, My only real complaint was, there wasn’t more of it. Fast forward 6 months and finally I have my hands on a full length, 13 track album and it’s like being a child at Easter, knowing there’s tons of chocolate ahead. The chocolate here is a stunning collection of songs, coming from an absolutely amazing talent. I’ve mentioned before the similarity between the voices of Adrienne and Leigh Nash’s, but there’s no mistaking the difference between them.

The album opens with “Beautiful”, which while not the strongest track on the album, is certainly good opener. “Downside of Love” has some great harmonies and is a fairly slow, purposeful track. “Better Year” is a great album track, but doesn’t have that “x” factor. “Fools Gold” was also on the previously reviewed EP and is just a stunning track, allowing her to really shine. “I Don’t Know” and “Laundry and Dishes” are also two examples of what is oh so right, about this CD. Both are distinctly different tracks, but both are unmistakably Adrienne.

Many albums tend to start strong, waver towards the middle and finish up with a melancholic or thoughtful track. With this album, it’s solid gold throughout. Adrienne has a wonderful style to both her vocals and lyrics. The music is like a canvas from which she projects her stories and it’s just an absolute pleasure to listen to. Upon trying to determine my favorites from this album, I have to admit that they’ve changed a few times since receiving this album, but definite strong contenders have to be, “Downside of Love”, the previously reviewed EP track, “Fools Gold” and “Lost and Found”

Conclusion : Certainly one of the top independent female artists and an artist that will no doubt gain the recognition she deserves.

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