EP – You Are My Sister – Antony and the Johnsons

Posted by admin on February 26th, 2007

Although I’d never heard an Antony and the Johnsons (AJ) track before, I was aware of them, having seen an article about them in Magnet magazine. I did actually approach the band, but didn’t hear back from them and thought no more, until I received the latest EP in the post, from their record company.

So here we go. I popped the CD in the player, but nothing could prepare me for one of the most radically distinctive voices, I’ve heard in a while. I have to admit, when I first heard the opening and title track, my knee jerk reaction was to say “Bloody Hell!”, I was basically stunned. The nearest comparison I could make at the time, was of a kind of mixture of Nina Simone and a kind of 1920 negro vibe. Yeah, not the best description, but it’s the best I could think of at the time. It was only listening to the title track a few times, that I noticed on the CD case that Boy George was a guest artist. As soon as I read this, I listened again, and yes, sure enough there he was. Sometimes it’s very difficult hear the wood for the tree, or is it clefs for the keys? The more I listened to this track, the more moving it became. And now anytime I listen to the track it gives me goose bumps.

With another 3 tracks on the EP, this is great value for money. The tracks are not just fillers, they all have merit of their own, which is always a pleasant surprise on an EP. “Poorest Ear” continues the style of singing and is just a wonder to behold. Rounding off with “Paddy’s Gone”, this is a deviation from the norm on the EP, but is a welcome change of direction and rounds the EP off nicely.

Conclusion : Simply stunning. Go forth an purchase forthwith! Yes that really is an exclamation mark there and deservedly so.

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