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Posted by admin on February 27th, 2007

Sometimes I discover an artist, usually from hearing a single track and think, “Hey that’s neat”, request an album and enjoy it enough to review. Sometimes however, I find the album that’s presented to me, totally blows me away. This was the case with Robin Tymm. This is a guy that writes wonderful melodies, but has lyrics that really speak to me. I had a tortured love life until finding the one, and by listening to some of Robin’s tracks, I get the feeling it’s not all been plain sailing for him either. From his mySpace page as well, you get that feeling that he’s maybe lacking a little in confidence in the music he writes.

I’ll be honest, there is nothing musically astounding about this album. The music is well arranged and well played. The vocals are distinctive, but not faultless, but it’s the lyrics and the sincere delivery that just speaks volumes. It also speaks to me on a personal level. Nothing morbid or depressing, but just a knowing nudge from my past.

The albums opens with “Unrequited”, which sort of caught me off guard until the vocals began, with an unexpected drum track. It has a wonderful melody, which I can just imagine being used in some kind of Bridget Jones / Four Weddings and a Funeral kind of film. “Wrong Turn”, has a very Michael Stipe of REM, vocal feel to it and some great strings, lying subtly underneath. “Tears on the Table”, has a familiar feel to it and it took me a while to think of the artist it reminds me of and I sincerely hope Robin doesn’t take this as an insult, but it reminds me of Jimmy Nail. Yes, Oz from the British Comedy, Auf Wiedersehen Pet! He also sings and had several albums, which were surprisingly good. Anyway this has some of those qualities. “Human Nature” is a very simple song, with a basic arrangement, but it works very well.

“Little Pieces” for me is the track on the album that just shines. It’s a funny thing to say, when a track is so sad, but it’s just an absolute gem. I have to admit, I don’t read lyrics as much as I would like, Many times I don’t have the time, but all too often they do not get printed on the CD sleeve anymore. It was whilst reading the CD sleeve that I started glancing the lyrics and just got to “Little Pieces” as the song was playing on the CD. It’s hard to explain, but when I got to the chorus, my stomach sank and I had those old pangs of growing up, finding and losing love. Silly I know, but it really excites me, when a CD can evoke such powerful memories.

There’s a very strong Michael Stipe flavor on the album, but it’s softened with a dash of James Blunt. The remaining songs on the album are every bit as strong as the earlier songs and results in an an amazing album. I have to give a special mention to the final track, “The Best I Can Do”, which has has it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek.

Conclusion : Just a wonderful, beautiful, sincere and honest album, that has become one of my firm favorites and one I find myself playing again and again.

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  1. Steve Robinson Says:

    Colin,you’re right about this guy. I remember singing his praises a while ago on my blog after reviewing one of his songs on Garageband; just the prompt I need to go and have another listen. Cheers then,
    Steve R.

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