Album – Wash Away – Alansmithee

Posted by admin on January 11th, 2007

There’s cracks and there’s great honking chasms, which is what this album fell through. Even after I rediscovered the album, for some reason it kept getting overlooked, which is a huge shame on me, especially when it’s so damn good.

Alansmithee probably isn’t your typical name for a band, but since when did names ever have a baring on the music, if they did, no one would probably ever have bought a Pink Floyd record.

This is a shorter than usual album with just 8 tracks, but is a classic case of quality over quantity. The album opens with “My Life” which is almost like an album closer, with it’s almost anthem/ballad rock sound. “Wash Away” opens with a very distinct guitar riff. I’ve heard a very similar riff, but can’t for the life of me place it, but it’s almost a throw away as doesn’t feel like it really belongs in the song. “Into You” shows a different more mellow sound, but those ever present vocals hold everything together rather nicely. “California Calling” is probably my least favorite track, but for no real valid reason other than it just doesn’t grab me in the way the other tracks do. “Who the Hell” whilst being a great song, has the feel of an almost formulaic pop song. When I heard it for the first time and again upon rediscovering the album, it always struck me as very predictable. I loved “How Does it Feel”, but hated the telephone simulated voice intro, which could be cut with no worries about altering the track itself. Although this album was released in 2005, a life time ago in music years, “His Loving Way” has a very now feel to it. Rounding off with “Did You Know”, this has certainly felt like an album I’ve picked on more than others. I want to sort of put the record straight, I do really love this album, it’s just a few small niggles, which are more down to me being a finicky git, than the songs themselves being sub-par.

The vibe from this album is of a band that is really musically tight and full of confidence. Many of the songs have that anthem sound, which just begs for a live audience, to join in.

Conclusion : I have to admit I’m still amazed I haven’t heard much about the band since first discovering them, which is a real shame as they have a great sound and some excellent songs.

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