Album – My Glass Eye – Beth Thornley

Posted by admin on November 5th, 2006

An unusual album title to be sure and indeed quite an unusual album filled with an eclectic and diverse range of genres, underpinned by a beautifully emotive voice. Beth Thornley is one of those artists currently enjoying extensive podplay on various podcasts. I’ve been guilty (yes again) of sitting on this album for a while, but when I finally sat down to have an extensive listen, I was blown away by a combination of factors. The production is top notch as is the instrumentation, but all this is but a pleasant bed for the salad of Beth’s voice.

The album opens with “Stand” which is a fairly standard pop song, but your ears can’t help but prick up when you are first introduced to Beth’s voice. “Beautiful Lie” takes a darker down tone and for me this is probably a one of the least enjoyable tracks on the album, at least that is until it gets to the chorus, which has that hallmark, Beth touch. The album for me really starts when it comes to the track “Mr Lovely”, whether that is because it’s one of the stronger tracks, or because it is one of the most heavily featured podcasts, tracks, I’m not sure, but it is certainly a really great track.

“Your Right Where” is just one of those tracks that for me captures the best of Beth. Light, yet with a hint of the melancholic. Call me a miserable sod, but melancholia is always a winner with me, especially when it’s sung so beautifully. “Once” has that Latino, Mediterranean twist, that is really refreshing and gives this album that little additional kick. The start certainly doesn’t prepare you for the killer chorus and that certainly is another surprise on the album.

We’re but half way through the album and it should be really obvious that this is one incredible album from a very special and talented artist. I’m so sorry that this album hid under the bushel that is my in pile, but am glad to feature it no and give it the recognition it so rightly deserves.

I’d be really remiss if I didn’t mention Beth’s wonderful rendition of the Beatles, Eleanor Rigby. Simply stunning. I wouldn’t be remiss if I totally ignored the hidden last track…. mmm what’s it called?

Conclusion : A wonderful collection of songs, with an even greater voice to carry them. A terrific album for your collection.

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