Album – Schizophrenology – The Majestic Twelve

Posted by admin on November 4th, 2006

Never let it be said that the independent music scene is boring. If you ever hear that said, wave a copy of Schizophrenology before people’s ears and I’m sure this album alone, will show people that the indie music scene is not only far from boring, but damn near fit to explode.

Another podcast find, I received this CD in the post. While putting this review together I noticed that the whole album is also available as a free download. I’ve mentioned before the admiration I have for bands that choose to give away so much material. This allows people to really get a taster of the band before deciding if it’s their cup of tea. I would like to add here though, as I have before that as this album is also available for purchase, if you do enjoy it or know someone that would enjoy it, pick up a regular CD copy to show the band some support. This is such a great album and the band deserves to do well with it.

It’s really hard to pigeon hole this album as the tracks themselves are so diverse. Once past the 16 second intro, the album begins with the track “Welcome to the City”, which has more drums than you can shake a stick at. For me one of the tracks that really defines the Majestic Twelve sound is “Condolezza, Check My Posse”m with it’s heavy guitar sound and rapid fire, almost poetic lyric delivery. My ears really pricked up though when I heard the track “Cry”. Call me an old sentimentalist, but this track really struck a chord with me. Actually this track reminded me of couple of other recently reviewed bands, namely “Little Yellow Perfect” and “Angles Drake”.

There’s only 10 tracks on the album, in addition to the brief intro track and like many albums at the moment, those 10 tracks really run the gamut of musical styles. Whether this is a conscious decision to try to cater to as many listeners as possible or whether it’s a bands trying to find it’s musical feet, I don’t know. Suffice to say it makes for a really great album. There is a bit of screamo in the track “Trapped Under Water”, which is a really great track until then and actually it doesn’t spoil the track too much. Man, as long as I live I will never get screamo, just ask my 16 year old daughter.

The track “Grandfather” is a fairly poignant track, and really gives the album some extra depth. I’m not sure I would have included it as one of the tracks on the middle of the album, preferring to probably leave it till towards the end, but it is certainly a great track and just showcases this bands versatility. I have to give a special mention to “Thank God Everything on TV is a Lie” which while being fast paced, has a wonderful feel to it and also some quite in tune lyrics.

Conclusion : This is a band that really enjoys their music and it shows. Eclectic and diverse and a whole heap of fun. A certain album to buy. As a freebie album :

  • Turn on computer
  • Download
  • Play
  • Tell all your friends.
  • Feel guilty and buy a copy.

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