Album – Stardate Unknown – The Vulcan Freedom Fighters

Posted by admin on October 15th, 2006

Q. “Why did Spock look down the toilet”
A. “To see the Captains log”

OK, not the best of jokes but it’s the only Star Trek one I know, barring a few regarding Klingons, but we won’t go there. So what does that have to do with this release. Not a lot really, apart from the fact they’re both firmly entrenched in Star Trek. Actually this is quite unlike any album you’ve probably heard before, but wow what a nice change. I do have to add a proviso however, that this that is not your usual album. It’s not going to be an album you break out at parties for a singalong, but it’s still a very valid release and very enjoyable to listen to.

The whole album, and there’s 23 tracks, has a real rock/ambient feel, with a little dance and electronic throw in. As well as the music, the whole album has sound bites from the original Star Trek TV series. Yes, the 1960’s Star Trek, with the carpet monsters and wobbly sets. You get a healthy smattering of Kirk, Spock, Bones and Scotty, along with a host of supporting cast members, who probably wore red shirts and beamed down to the planet, only to get vaporized by some weird mutant plant.

It’s very hard to pigeon hole an album like this, but it has a very soundtrack feel to it. I can just imagine it being used in some indie Star Trek homage. Consequently it’s very hard to pick standout tracks, as this is not that kind of album, but I did have a particular liking for “Khan”.

The album rounds off with a particularly weird track called “Doomsday Sabotage Remix”, which is like one of those bizarre trippy things, that sound good at the time, but end up being quite disturbing when you suddenly hit ground zero and listen to what you did. Mmm, now follow that one.

Conclusion : Sometimes it’s great to take a moment and delve into something fun and this most definitely is a whole lotta fun. “Live long and prosper”. Best of all it’s available for free download.

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