Album – Flower and the Fall – Stanley Lucas Revolution

Posted by admin on October 15th, 2006

The rain fell from the sky like tears of pain and sorrow. The grim blackness of the sky did nothing to lighten the mood of the people shuffling about their every day lives. In amongst the madness, there was a man, battling the hounds of desperation, solitude and terminal illness. No one knows who Stanley Lucas is, but for the select few of us, who receive the fruits of his labor, mysteriously on our doorsteps, we are privileged to be part of the inner circle.

I can’t remember how I came upon the Stanley Lucas Revolution. I’m sure it was a podcast, but can’t remember which. The song that brought him to my attention, did nothing to prepare me for this simply stunning album. I do have to say, that this is a quite intense experience, but certainly one that appeals to my sense of adventure. It’s actually 6 years old, but has a wonderfully ageless quality.

There’s some very strong influences that really slap you upside the head, as soon as you get into the album. I think the strongest of these is John Lennon, but think the more experimental and intense Lennon, rather than the poppy melodic Lennon. There’s also a strong hint of Harry Nilsson, which is very apt, seeing as Nilsson and Lennon were the best of friends, not to mention a little hint of David Bowie.

There’s 9 tracks on the album, and as is to be expected of an album like this, they should really be considered as a collective work, rather than an album of individual songs. That being said there are some wonderful tracks here. My particular favorite is “Suddenly Nothing”, but in particular the last 2 or 3 minutes, which are purely instrumental, not that I have anything against the vocals, that have a suitable air of angst, but because the last few minutes of this track, have that wonderful ebb and flow qualities that I commonly refer to as repetition. Don’t be mistaking in thinking this is another word for boring, it’s not. It’s just something that has that hypnotic feel, something I’m a particular fan of, when it’s done right.

Conclusion : Whilst not mainstream pop, this certainly deserves a wide audience, especially those that enjoy an album that provides a more immersive experience. We can’t do much to help poor Stanley Lucas, but we can at least let him know he’s appreciated.

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