EP – This City and all of the Cities – Little Yellow Perfect

Posted by admin on September 15th, 2006

I first have to say, what a great way to open an EP, with the excellent track “Our House Would Make a Beautiful Bonfire”. It draws you in with some great instrumentation and then explodes with the great chorus. It’s one of those tracks that has you singing the chorus hours after. So you’re drawn in very quickly. My two daughters had a listen to the opening track and said they sound a bit like the Rasmus. They would know better than me on that one.

Whilst the opening track is definitely more pop than rock, the next track “Fireflies” is rockier and a tad darker in sound, offset with some sweeping synth to open the song. In fact the darker sound is prevalent throughout the rest of this 6 track EP, so whilst the opening track is the killer song on the EP, it’s a distinctly different sound, which is a shame as I can still hear the chorus for the first song in my head, while still listening to the rest of the EP. “Satellites” reminds me very much of 90’s rock, with the distorted vocals and heavy guitar sound. There’s also a relentless bass underpinning the whole track. Of the darker sounding tracks “Used as Directed” is probably my favorite.

Rounding off with “Sofaking”, this is a band to keep an eye on. If you are into a more darker rock, this is certainly the EP for you. But for my money the direction of the opening track would have made this a killer release.

Conclusion : A definite buy, even if it’s only for the opening track. But fortunately there’s a whole lot more, making this a quality EP.

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