Album – Dreams – Dan Vine

Posted by admin on September 15th, 2006

It certainly can’t be said that Indie Launchpad doesn’t cover a diverse spectrum of music. From classical to folk and from pop to punk. I can’t say that I’ve yet reviewed a techno / dance album, until now. Now let me first say, I’m no aficionado of dance music. The only way I’d ever win a dance contest is if I had a rabid ferret down my trousers, causing me somehow to break some wicked dance moves. That certainly ain’t happening in the foreseeable future, but like Sean Connery, I can never say never.

Anyway enough of my glib frippery. Like a few genres of music, this isn’t one to be put on for general ambient listening, at least not for many people. This is fairly intense listening, especially on headphones, but I find that it is great for having on when you have a lot to do, as it’s like a hard task master, with the thumping beats underpinning, the melodies.

The 12 songs on the album, whilst all of the same genre, have a varied sound. They take me back to holidays in Ibiza and Benidorm. There’s a few that seem slightly out of place, in particular “What You Want” which seems a little weak compared to the rest of the tracks and “70s in Da House”, which by it’s name is intentionally a throwback to the 70s. The real power house track on the album for me would have to be “Tech By”, with it’s ambient and spacey feel and is a blast to listen to on headphones.

Conclusion : Whilst not being a trance / techno /club expert, I can recognize something well constructed and well produced and this has all those hallmarks.

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