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Posted by admin on September 15th, 2006

It’s funny how music sometimes comes at you for the most unusual of avenues. I was recently watching a TV programme on children with famous parents and saw a piece on Jordan Zevon. It’s funny, some of the people on the list had names that somehow shrouded who their parents were. Jordan’s was not one of these, having a surname that’s instantly recognizable. Ok so the late Warren Zevon is the famous parent, but I think what piqued my interest was that Jordan was also a musician. So in inimitable Indie Launchpad fashion I investigated Jordan’s’ website and I suppose was surprised to find that this wasn’t some weak, riding on the coat tails music, this was great music in it’s own right.

There’s no denying that Jordan inherited a lot of the same wry, humor from his Dad, but this is no weak pastiche. The 5 song EP opens with “The Joke’s On Me”, which has some cleverly constructed lyrics and a killer, catchy hook, the kind that forces you to tap your feet, even if they are nailed to the floor. The lyrics are also great and bounce along as if the little ball is bouncing on them in my head. It’s also one of those tunes that you find yourself humming or whistling when you least expect it. The next track “This Girl”, takes the EP off in a slightly different, more mellow direction, but the formula is the same. This is excellent song writing in the greatest Crowded House or Squeeze tradition, with pure melodies combined with great lyrics and a relaxed, welcoming vocal style.

The remaining 3 tracks are more of the same. The fourth track “Tomorrow” is very interesting. There is a sound bite singing the word “Tomorrow” which if I’m not mistaken is taken from the film Bugsy Malone. The EP rounds off with the very poignant “Too Late to Be Saved”, bringing the EP to melancholic, but strangley uplifting end. Mmm, now explain that one. The EP was originally released in 2005, so I’m really hoping that an album is in the works.

Conclusion : As I’ve said many times, it’s all about the music. It don’t matter who you are, if it’s crap, it’s crap. Fortunately none of that is an issue here. This is another to add to my favorites so far of this year. A MUST BUY!

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