Album – The Subsonic Reel – The Bulldogs

Posted by admin on June 9th, 2006

I’ve lost track of the amount of albums passing through Indie Launchpad. Many bands stands out for variety of reasons. For the Bulldogs it was the memories they evoked. Memories of the 90’s in England and the unbelievable BritPop sound that was brewing, Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller to name but a few. There was a sound and feeling of great optimism and the soundtrack of the time, was amazing. The Bulldogs have managed to recreate this feeling and recreate it in a very powerful way.

I have to first admit, that there’s many tracks on the album, that have a striking similarity to the Oasis album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory. Track 5, “The Way to Get Back Home”, has that sound of Oasis’ “She’s Electric” and track 7, “Come Along” starts off in a similar way to “Champagne Supernova”. Similarities aside, this is a great album. When I was single, I’d spend between £50 and £200 a week on albums and this would certainly have been on on my shopping list if it was released back then.

OK so I’ve waffled enough about bygone days, what of the album. There’s 11 tracks of excellent music. The songs themselves have a great feel to them, as do the vocals. As the first track “Come on Brother, Cum on Sister” starts, you can hear that Oasis influence, but the vocals are much softer, without that Liam Gallagher harshness. “Everyday Fades Away” has that great summer feel, the feeling of optimism and upbeatness. “The Way Back Home” is probably my favorite track and as said before has that “She’s Electric” feel, which was also one of my favorite tracks on the Oasis album.

Just want to say, that the bands usual site has been down for a while, but you can still purchase the album via Paypal from their mySpace page. I hope to see the website up again soon.

Conclusions : This band could become the genesis of the new BritPop movement. Oasis have had their day, time to let the youngsters have their day.

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