Album – Gift to the World – Loveless

Posted by admin on June 9th, 2006

Q Division is a label with some great talent. I’ve already covered the latest offering from Rachael Cantu, a CD included with another requested artist. That requested artist was Loveless and man this album is a cracker.

I knew I was on to something good, because within 20 seconds of the first track “Go”, I was hooked. Infectious, melodic and catchy as hell. This album is a nice mix of upbeat and laid back rock.

Whilst listening to albums, sometimes the songs you can imagine hearing on the radio, jump out at you. This was the case with “Go” which I can easily imagine being a high charting single. Some of the other great candidates for singles are “You Wore Me Out”, “Beautiful” with some great guitar at the start and throughout the track and finally “This is a Way”. The rest of the album, is just as good, but more album centric. I like to think of the rest of the tracks as the supporting cast, but man what a supporting cast. “She Could Be Something Good” closes the album nicely, but it’s not a conclusive end, you kind of feel like there should be one more track.

With a very contemporary sound, this album also has that level of maturity about it, of a band that’s on their third or fourth album. So it’s really surprising when you find it’s their debut release. They have however been together in one form or another since 2001, so that goes a long way to explaining the tightness of it all.

Conclusion : This is a great body of songs and a great addition to your collection. I have no doubt the Loveless will end up being the Loved.

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