Single – Get Through This – Art of Dying

Posted by admin on April 11th, 2006

  • Band / Artist : Art of Dying
  • Genre : Rock / Metal / Pop
  • Sample Track Download : N/A
  • Buy CD : N/A
  • Buy Digital Download : iTunes
  • Rating : 9 out of 10

It’s not often that a single is reviewed on Indie Launchpad, but I just had to review this one, as it’s so damn good and I’m too impatient to wait for the release of the album. I came across this song as it’s used as the theme tune to the vidcast Port City P.D. Upon investigating further I found the song was available for purchase via iTunes.

Featuring a cracking mix of hard edge vocals, loud guitar and thumping drums, this is heavy rock at it’s finest. Almost sounding at time likes Nickleback or Creed, they are certainly in good company. For me the sure fire way of knowing a hit when I hear it, is if I find my self mumbling the chorus hours later. Well I do and not just hours, but days after.

Conclusion : Less than a beer and so much more fulfilling. If ever there was an excuse to find 11 on the volume control, this is it.

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