EP – The Huge and Hopeful – Winter Circle

Posted by admin on April 10th, 2006

There are just so many unbelievably strong bands albums at the moment, that it’s hard to keep track. If this bands MySpace page is anything to go by (with over 10,000 friends), their first CD release is going to be huge and deservedly so, cos it’s 21 minutes of sheer infectious rock. It’s funny that a lot of bands are just referring to their physical releases as CDs whether they’re albums or EPs, but who cares when the CD in question will only set you back $6.00.

The EP opens very strongly with “Streetlight Flicker”, one of those songs that burrows it’s way deep into your brain and is an excellent example of the perfect pop song. But why stop there, the CD just continues along at the same furious pace. My kids often say the music I review, just isn’t their kind of music. I’m going to go home tonight though and defy them not to like the track “She Wants Me” and this to me, is every bit as good as songs from they’re current favorite bands, like Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy. Thank God for “Hold On” as a break in the frenetic pace of the EP is needed, certainly by this old duffer. OK, so maybe I’m not that old, but a change in pace, balances this EP nicely. “Dynamite” is again almost a formulaic perfect pop song, great vocals and drum beat, that just hook you up and reels you in. “Send Me a Wave” and “Don’t Go” round off the EP nicely.

Conclusion : This is a band that I would say are very much up there with Black Lab and The Profits to name but a few of the excellent bands reviewed here recently. I’m just hoping most of their MySpace friends translate to buying friends.

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