Album – The Coast is Clear – In Flight Safety

Posted by admin on April 28th, 2006

There’s a few sounds around at the moment, that seem to define the 2000s and like it or not, ColdPlay would have to be one of them. However they’ve become a band that many people criticise as bland and boring, but there is the occasional spark of creativity and ingenuity in both their music and lyrics. OK so you know down what road I am about to tread, but all is not as it seems. Yes In-Flight Safety do share many similarities to ColdPlay, but there isn’t the odd spark of creativity, the album is flaming ball of creativity.

I’ve covered many Canadian bands in the past few months, but there’s something different about In-Flight Safety, that I can’t quite put my finger on. I think to a certain degree, it’s that they don’t actually sound like a Canadian band. Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s just that this is an album that has that global feel.

This is another one of those albums that’s hard to pick a track that stands above any other on the album, that’s because they are all such well crafted songs. The album does open very strongly with “Coast is Clear”, which defines the bands sound very well. “Turn Me Around” is also an interesting track, with it’s almost Pink Floyd guitar opening. The album closes with “Lost (The March Song)”, a beautiful song, that meanders to find it’s high point and then gracefully seeks a place to land (and is probably my favorite, but don’t tell anyone).

Conclusion : An almost textbook example of what makes a good Rock / Pop album. With their combination of excellent music and the right kind of luck, this band could be huge. Keep your ears peeled.

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