Album – Our Fall – Great Aunt Ida

Posted by admin on March 31st, 2006

I think the first thing that hits you about this band is the name. No disrespect and yes I understand that Ida Nilsen is the woman behind the band, but Great Aunt Ida to me, builds a mental picture of a rather rotund old lady, wearing a big cardigan, with wrinkled tights and fluffy slippers. Not exactly the best of visual images for anyone browsing an online music store.

Anyway enough of that, what of the music. This is mellow, laid back, bittersweet pop, with a folksy twist. It’s amazing how many Canadian artists (Great Aunt Ida are from Vancouver) seem to draw a lot of influence from Leonard Cohen, a Canadian Idol to the melancholic. The CD contains 11 tracks that will soothe even the most enraged soul. Ida has a wonderfully comforting voice and with the perfect musical accompaniment has managed to produce an album, that is great to just lie back and listen too.

My favorites tracks on the album are “Corners” and “This Wind” with it’s beautifully haunting piano and it’s this track that rounds the album off nicely. In fact it usually rounds the album off 2 or 3 times for me, as one play is never enough.

Conclusion : Whilst it won’t set your musical world on fire, it does have a certain unique charm. This is an album that’s great for that melancholic mood, when you just want to soothe your soul and reflect on obstacles of life.

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