Album – Blues and Reds – Kelly Goodlad

Posted by admin on March 30th, 2006

I’m a sucker for female singer, songwriters. However that doesn’t mean that all it takes is a guitar and some fluttering eyelashes, the music has to be good too. I think good is an understatement for this debut from Toronto artist, Kelly Goodlad. With a whispery, velvet voice and some wonderful music, this album is oh so short at just 7 songs. However those 7 songs do manage to pack quite an aural punch.

This bittersweet, almost melancholic album opens with the amazing “January”, a song that reminds me a lot of a young Sam Brown. This is a smoldering, sultry song with a wonderful string arrangement. I would love to see this released as a single. “It’s My Life Too”, a song of epic proportion at over 5 minutes and strange hypnotic properties. I swear I only ever hear the beginning and end as for some reason I just seem to stare off into space and daydream. “A Funeral for a Era” livens things up a bit, despite the title. “Late Bloomer” is another long song at just over 6 minutes and for me is probably the weakest song on the album. I think the song just goes on just a little too long. “Solo Road” is another fairly upbeat track. The last 2 tracks are “Passion Junkie” and “Love Song” and round the album off nicely.

Although relatively short, this is still one amazing album. With it’s melding of jazz, blues and pop it creates something quite incredible.

Conclusion : My musical heart bleeds a little more inside, when I hear wonderful music like this, as I know it’s probably not going to get the global, mass appreciation it so rightly deserves. This should definitely be an album to treat your CD player and yourself too.

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