Album – So Familiar – Dusty Hughes

Posted by admin on February 26th, 2006

  • Band / Artist : Dusty Hughes
  • Genre : Pop / Rock
  • Sample Track Download : Feel
  • Buy CD : Buy
  • Buy Digital Download : Buy
  • Rating : 8 out of 10

For anyone expecting something along in a similar vein to Dusty’s Christmas album, is in for a bit of a rude awakening. Yes that incredible gravely voice is still their, but now we have an all together different sound. Where the Christmas album is easy listening, this album, is in your face rock and loud with it.

It’s funny that the title track, that opens the album is a pretty predictible rock song. I say funny as I would imagine the title track to showcase the album. It’s Track 2 however, “Wanted” where this album begins to come alive. A thumping bass line and kicking drums, drive this song relentlessly onward and man does it rock. A good indicator to a good rock song, is the head bob and this has head bob up to the yin yang. “Reason to Stay”, drops the tempo down a gear, but it’s still loud and proud and a good track to test your stereo, to see if you can notch it up to 11.

Track 5, “Feel”, takes the tempo down a bit and gives you a chance to catch your breathe, but ever though it’s a slower track, it doesn’t detract from the rest of the album, it’s still valuable piece to the puzzle.

With 13 songs , plus 2 additional re-mixes this is an album that’s going to test your stereo to the max, if you are brave enough to try. I think the only low point on the album is track 10, “Maybe It’s Just Me”, with the incredibly suspect keyboard intro, but that is at least rectified with the remixed version at the end of the album, so no real complaint there.

Conclusion : An excellent rock album from an artist that really has me excited to hear what’s next.

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