Album – Chap with the Wings, Five Rounds Rapid – Thumpermonkey Lives

Posted by admin on February 27th, 2006

Bloody strange title, even stranger music. Well that was my first impression anyway, and after a few listens, that is my lasting impression. For anyone still missing the God of weirdness, Frank Zappa, this should help alleviate those pangs of loss. As well as the Zapper’s influences, there’s also some heavy David Allen/Gong overtones, which means this album is seriously out here. Cup of tea anyone?

For all the weirdness that this album has to offer, there is still an extremely tight sound buried beneath. In fact there’s some seriously good musicianship sprinkled liberally throughout this album. I have to come clean and admit though, I’m not a real fan of this style of music. It’s the kind of album I have to be really in the mood to listen to, but having said there’s a couple of tracks “Don’t Wake Me” and “My Debt to Scientology” that I really love.

I can imagine this is a band that’s unbelievable to go see live, as a lot of bands of this ilk are. I shall keep my ear to the ground as this is a band out of the ordinary worth keeping an eye on.

Conclusion : If you’re not in an altered state of consciousness before listening to this album, you will be after you’ve listened it. Who ever said music was dull, should take their head out of the sand and give this a spin.

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