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Posted by admin on January 15th, 2009

Lloyd Dobbler Effect sounds like something Doc, from Back to the Future would be looking for to generate the jigawatts of electricity need to bounce around in time. In fact it’s a Washington DC based band, that have a wonderful and energetic sound. There’s certainly no lack of musicanship on the 15 tracks on this album, which is not surprising as the band does around 200 gigs a year. With a hard rock sound, softened by more pop biased vocals, there is a nice balance between blowing the cobwebs out of your ears and lulling you into a false sense of serenity.

The album opens with “Have Faith” which for me, has a oddly soft rock feel, but really loosens up when the chorus chimes in. This is a funny track, as I could really feel it growing on me as the song progressed. “Radio” for me is where things really seem to fall into place. For a lot of songs on the album, I kept getting an 80’s slap across the head. It’s nothing really definitive, just a riff here and a lead in there.

While I really enjoyed the album, there was not enough here for me, that had a definitive stamp on it, a sound that would would allow me to pick out this band on the radio for instance. That being said, there’s some tracks on here that are real gems including the previously mentioned “Have Faith”, “Radio”, “The Past” and “I Have the Touch”.

Conclusion : There’s no denying the talents of this band. With such a touring schedule, I imagine they are pretty hot to see live. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this band, to see how they develop, but if you enjoy 80’s/90’s rock / pop then I think this will be right up your street.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ok so this article states that it was posted by “admin”, so I am not real sure who to direct my comments to. Really “was not enough here for me, that had a definitive stamp on it”, I may suggest you go to your local ENT doctor and have the wax flushed from your ears!!! Seriously, LDE produces a sound and a vibe that would get anyone on their feet and dance. It’s moving and uplifting, the lyrics actually MEAN something. I first saw the band a little over 2 years ago and I have been hooked ever since…when they stopped performing in my area as often, I and a friend of mine made it a point to try and go see them in other areas every other month or so. Although I love every single one of their albums, it is nothing compare to their live performances, the energy in the venue that they are performing at is unlike any I have experienced before, patrons on their feet, dancing, laughing, and having the best time ever. The band and their music just give off a good vibe. I personally, think the bad has a unique sound, one of which DOES in fact have a “Definitive stamp on it”!!! So in closing, although I realize you are complimenting the band at points, I think you are WAY off key with some of your statements such as “I kept getting an 80’s slap across the head” or the previously mentioned “there was not enough here for me, that had a definitive stamp on it, a sound that would allow me to pick out this band on the radio for instance.”

    LDE Fan for Life!!!

  2. Kincaid Says:

    I would agree with the other “Anonymous” commentor. You do give the band some kudos, but the 80 90 ish comments are way off. I grew up listening to rock, hard rock, southern rock, you name it. LDE has a 2000 ish sound that is entirely different than anything out there. The tunes are dancealbe, singable, or just stand and enjoy the jam. Obviously, you have not seen a live performance of the band. Go see them, then comment.

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