EP – Nowhere Else – Dysopian Dreams

Posted by admin on November 15th, 2008

This is one of those CD’s that blurs the line between CD and EP. With 7 tracks, and a running time of a tad over 31 minutes, to me this is a short album, but the band call it an EP, so who am I to argue.

I put this EP back on, after writing another review, and the thing that smacked me was the gorgeous guitar work, which was mixed just right, giving the most wonderful sound, real ear candy. However the same cannot be said for the vocals, which for me, were a little washed out in sound and a little uninspiring lyrically. Actually lyrically uninspiring is probably a little harsh, as it’s quite difficult to actually concentrate on what is being sung. This also pretty much describes the song that follows, “How Fate Works”.

With “Comablues” the vocals problems seem to have been addressed to some degree, but I have to be honest, by this stage it’s not the vocals I want to hear, it’s the wonderful, and rich sounding music. For me, these tracks would really pop, if the vocals were totally removed. I hate sounding harsh, but when you get a disconnect that’s so great, maybe it’s better to disconnect totally. That being said the EP seems to be really warming up, with “Sweet Humanity”. The vocals manage to hold their own and this is the first song, that feels like words and music are complimenting each other, rather than fighting for top billing. Similarly “Keep Coming Back” is definitely more refined and feels a more complete track.

“I Would” has a fairly different music style, and is the first track where I feel the vocals are the driving force. The production is much more balanced and I think should give the band a benchmark to work too. Finishing off with “The Aftermath” again, it appears that the latter part of the EP, is where the vocals really come together.

Whatever hangups I have about the vocals, the music throughout is first class, musically and in production. Seeing as this is an all acoustic demo, I have to say it’s pretty well done and with a little bit of work on the vocals, this EP could be amazing. As it is, it’s still rather good and certainly deserves a place in your collection.

Conclusion : A great EP, slightly marred, but managing to redeem itself with wonderfully vibrant and lush music.

3 Responses to “EP – Nowhere Else – Dysopian Dreams”

  1. Kailen Says:

    Hey thanks for the review. i agree with alot of the comments, especially the vocal which were my part. in response. i must say I myself was never happy with the vocal tracks. i found that they were too washed out and a little heavy on the bass and mid. also this was my first time in a studio so i was def a little nervous and not particularly in the right headspace to belt out the tunes in an inspiring way. that said we have gotten alot of feedback stating that listeners found the lyrics inspiring… so i dunno… ‘the aftermath’ and ‘sweet humility’ and ‘i would’ are for sure the more inpirationally themed, as well as my favs among the album so no doubt that shows on this very, and i stress very, amateur album. we are in the midst of re recording some of these tracks with the full band, and this critique will be taken to heart, and hopefully we can overcome some of the negatives.
    Thanx alot
    Kailen – DD

  2. Chuck D Says:

    I would also like to add that I myself have been inspired by the music especially “Comablues” because I can relate. The lead guitarist takes this band further than the vocals, true. I wouldnt discredit the Lyrics or the singer I would discredit the sound quality and the mixture of the instruments, the lead is out and infront but the singer needs to be up there too. Kailen you have an amazing voice keep it up “belt it out” let the world here that Tenor beauty!

  3. Britt Says:

    I first heard this band playing at the rib fest in this summer and was amazed at how well they could cover Bedouin Soundclash. Kailen and Graham both have great voices, and of course Mike on the hand drums too. I purchased their CD and was impressed with the heartfelt lyrics and talented vocals. I happened to take a bunch of photos, but haven’t had the chance to get out to another one of their shows. Soon enough, and I’ll bring my camera along again:) All of the songs are easy to relate to and work at the listener’s emotions. These boys are going far in the music world!

    Keep on playing guys 🙂 <3

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