EP – All Those Pretty Lights – Andrew Belle

Posted by admin on October 28th, 2008

I was fortunate to receive near final mixes of two tracks from this, the latest EP from Andrew Belle and they certainly left me hungry for more. The EP has now dropped in my lap and has not disappointed.

The first track, “I’ll be Your Breeze”, reminds musically of Coldplay as indeed to many of the vocals on this EP, but have a much looser feel and a tempo that engages. Before long, you find at least one of your limbs, or indeed head keeping beat. The vocals for me, are what stand out most, being very easy on the ear, a wonderful tone with just a hint of a raw edge, that really adds a nice dimension. It’s funny, maybe falsely, I was under the impression that this was going to be the title track, instead this honor goes to “All Those Pretty Lights”, which is a great track, but “I’ll be Your Breeze” as that intensity that for me, really sells this collection of 5 tracks.

“In Your Sleep”, starts as a much more laid back, acoustic guitar driven track, that slowly builds into a more produced work. Whilst I love this style, I can’t help wanting to hear a more stripped back and bare track, to let the vocals stand out a bit more. This want, is filled to some degree with “Signs of Life”, but again, the production fills in and I feel that Andrew’s true talent is being shrouded somewhat.

The final track “Replace Me”, again grabbed me with the vocals. Like the rest of the tracks on the EP, it’s a tad over 4 minutes, but it has that rare quality, where you find yourself at the end of the track, thinking it’s only been on for a short while. I also love the piano that is delicately laid down, but seems to shine at just the right moments.

Conclusion : This is a great EP, from an incredible talent. The only criticisms I have, are more selfishness on my part, rather than any lacking on Andrews. He has a great voice, and I’d love to hear more of it. Maybe on the next release something purely acoustic, with just Andrew and a guitar.

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