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Posted by admin on July 20th, 2008

There seems to be a resurgence of electro pop music coming to the fore, harkening back to the 80’s. Cavedoll seem to have one foot firmly planted in this genre, with the other foot playing loosey goosey, introducing a whole raft of different influences.

With 16 tracks in this album, it may seem a lot, but this pales, when you find out they are in the process of releasing 10 albums over the coming year, after having released 13 over 2007. This slew of new releases will consist of a huge array of new, re-mixed, re-packacked and re-mastered tracks.

“Decoder” is a track I’ve heard on various podcasts and is the first track on this 16 track offering. It’s a great track, which really could be a lost recording from decades ago. I love the whimsical synth/keyboards and the 80’s encrusted chorus. This is just an amazing collection of catchy pop with that electro underpinning. “King of the Clouds” is a particularly wonderful track, which just effortlessly washes over you.

As soon as “Taste Like a Hurricane” began, I was in aural heaven, with a most incredible synth intro. I wasn’t expecting the female vocals, but they compliment the music nicely. It’s when the chorus starts that I can almost hear a subliminal nod to Abba. OK call me nuts, but the vocals just have that texture to them. It’s probably no surprise that “Now is Our Time” also stood out with it’s hint of the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields”, but that’s mainly due to the synth, which opens the track and is also featured lightly throughout. The track unfolds nicely and is firmly one of my favourite tracks on the album.

“Leaking Out the Nose” despite a wonderfully horrid title, shows the bands songwriting chops, resulting in a track that unfolds like a book and this is a prime example of great song. Although their styles are radically different, they share a wonderful storytelling skill, which gives us a track that is over all too quickly.

While there is much to love on this album, there is one track that left me cold, “Full of Awe”. While it has a great production, the song itself is very sterile. I certainly wouldn’t miss it, if it were to be removed, which thankfully is pretty straightforward with iPods and the like.

The album ends with two covers. First is the Rolling Stone’s “Paint it Black”, which is very nicely done. I love the almost harpsichord synth and the wonderful energy, which for me is somewhat lacking in the original. The final cover is of David Bowie’s “Heroes” and again it’s a wonderful interpretation, which Cavedoll manage to own.

Conclusion : A wonderful mix of classic electro and modern day pop, delivering some wonderfully catchy and memorable songs. When I first listened to this CD, I found that it felt a little too eclectic. However after a few listens, it almost seems to envelop you. This is an album that is so easy to listen to and enjoy and the covers for me are the icing on the cake. Certainly a release that should be lauded with the attention and praise it deserves.

2 Responses to “Album – No Vertigo – Cavedoll”

  1. justin Says:

    Thanks for this one- nice album. Hope more bands follow your urging and include downloadable/sample tracks. You do a great job of describing them but well, the written word can only capture so much. I wouldn’t necessarily have thought I’d like these guys and I’m not sure if I’ll get the baker’s dozen albums I found these guys on Amazon and bingo. Nice find.

  2. justin Says:

    I especially liked, “And when” off “The Harbor”. Very layered, unusual vocals.

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