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Posted by admin on May 29th, 2008

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Submitted by Ian Taylor

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  • Genre : Pop / Rock / Acoustic
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  • Rating : 8.5 out of 10

His longstanding listeners will remember Colin Meeks at Indie Launchpad ( enthusing about The Weepies previous phenomenal album Say I Am You way back in February 2006, and Ive been eagerly awaiting a new release from this talented duo. I think I managed to get my sticky mitts on the album before Mr Meeks for a change but he still managed to cram in a review before I submitted this tribute one in celebration of his 100th Podcast.

It was with mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation that I put the CD on, would it be as good as Say I Am You, which quickly became one of my all time favourite albums? In fact Steve Tannen and Deb Talan have to be held partly responsible not only for my membership of the Indielaunchpad Fan Club but also my ever increasing collection of CDs! Would it be worth the two year wait?

I loved the design of the 2006 CD and the theme carried through to The Weepies great website, which has now received a makeover (care of Deb) to coordinate with the new whale CD artwork. Turning to the music itself we have 14 varied tracks making it cracking value, albeit the first five come in a tad short at just under three minutes. The problem I have is that so far non stands out quite as well as Gotta Have You or Painting by Chagall, or Stars. Im sure this album is a grower though or perhaps it is because the quality is so good and consistent that its hard to choose a favourite.

I was going to review each track but Colin has pipped me at the post! As far as the whole album goes, like Colin, I have a soft spot for female vocalists and Deb has an outstanding and unique voice. Steves quiet tones meanwhile remind me on some songs of Paul Simon. In both cases we have clear, crisp voices that clearly compliment each other, coupled with the intelligent lyrics. Theres a certain narrative/filmic quality to the words and some of the tracks would fit very comfortable as a soundtrack to a film or TV show, and I mean that as a compliment and not in a background noise way. How about the closing credits for an episode of the quirky 90s show Northern Exposure? Id struggle to pick out my favourite track, All Good Things is great, Orbiting is also excellent, Old Coyote swings along nicely, and is this really the first time I have heard the catchy Takes So Long? Maybe I am changing my mind, this really is a great album.

I struggle to categorise The Weepies, folk it isnt and its too mellow for rock, who cares, its great stuff and I hate labels anyway. According to their website there are lots of who agree as the new album debuted at no.31 on the Billboard Charts, selling nearly 14,000 copies in its first week (13,999 plus one to Ian, Im not sure Colin paid for his!).

Conclusion: Hideaway would have been an outstanding first album, and Say I am You a phenomenal follow up, had they been issued in the other order. Have The Weepies just set themselves such a high standard that its difficult to beat? Has Ians ear been so finely tuned by Colin he knows what hes talking about (musically at least) or is he just so familiar with the first album? Will Colin Agree? Do you care?

Probably not, so my advice is buy it, hell, buy both albums and judge for yourselves, whichever you think is best you wont have wasted any money; they are both very, very good.

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