EP – The Soul of Bubbles and Cheesecake – Bubbles and Cheesecake

Posted by admin on January 9th, 2008

I’ve seen a few combinations in my time, like apple pie and ice cream, beer and whiskey, even jellied eels and mash, all very complimentary. At the other end of the spectrum you have chalk and cheese and now Bubbles and Cheesecake. It’s unusual that two distinctly different things blend together so nicely, but that’s exactly the case here. Bubbles and Cheese cake are Allee Willis, a Grammy winning composer, also responsible for Earth, Wind and Fire’s, “Sepetember” and the Friends TV show theme, and Holly Palmer, formerly with Gnarls Barkley’s live and who’s also worked with David Bowie, Dr Dre and Michael BublĂ©. As you can see quite distinctly different characters, which is also distinctly apparent when you hear them sing. Allee has a much more, how can I put this, weathered voice and Holly has the more chirpy, poppy voice. When they’re put together, it’s works amazingly well.

First track on the EP is “It’s a Woman Thang”, girl power for those on the wrong side of Spice Girl mania, or rather the right side, depending how you look at it. It was one of those tracks that when I first heard it, I could really sense something, which was ever apparent when I found myself humming the song later in the day. It’s a really strange song, as it’s very catchy, but never really seems to go any where. The second track on this 4 track EP, is “I Confess”. Their sound runs consistantly through the EP. “I Confess” differs from the first track in that it has a distinct break towards the middle, which breaks the track up nicely. “Girl in Lust” is for me the highlight track of the EP, even though the title may be misconstrued somewhat, it really is a beautiful track. It’s a real sleeper too, being the third track, as you’d expect the best song to be first and for many that will be the case, but for me, this track harkens back to the late 60’s and 70’s soul girl groups. The final track “Cryin Lovin Leavin” really rounds things off nicely. I have to admit, I’m not overly keen on Allee’s vocals and couldn’t imagine listening to a solo work in a similar vein, but they do provide a nice contrast to Holly’s voice and here they work exceedingly well.

Conclusion : A really interesting release, which I’m hoping leads to a full album release, because I would love to see how their sound develops. For me though this EP is worth buying alone for Girls in Lust”, with the other tracks being great support.

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