EP – Demos EP – Cancel the Astronauts

Posted by admin on November 30th, 2007

Another one of the many excellent bands coming out of Scotland, I heard them for the first time via podcasting and in fact have heard them quite few times on many different podcasts since then. With a sound that is very reminiscent of a combination of 80’s indie rock and more contemporary Brit pop, I was immediately enamoured with their sound and couldn’t wait to get the EP in for review.

Opening with “I am the President of Your Fan Club (And I Followed You Home” the title is almost longer than the song. It is however an indication of the lightheartedness that follows through the EP in great Brit Pop tradition. Although the title of this track and melody indicate a lighthearted offering, there’s a real sinister undertone, with the singer reiterating the track title, but then adding “I looked through your window”, “last night you weren’t alone”, “will he be here tomorrow, I don’t think so”, a fairly ominous lyric ifever I heard one.

Things lighten up a bit with “Skirts”, with again an opening thats is very reminiscent of an ELO track. Mmm, seems like mr Lynne is in vogue again. Certainly the subject matter is pleasing to the ear and while the the sound of this track and indeed the whole album is somewhat basic, it really does work well. “Intervention” is probably my least track on th EP, but it’s not a lemon, just not as strong as the rest of the cast. “Outside” has a very retro, 60’s feel and is one of those track that not too suprisingly ends abruptly just before the 2 minute mark.

“Enough Tonight” is probably where I realised that the lead vocals and music have some level of disconnect. I hate writing anything negative, but felt by the fourth track, somewhat wearied. There’s nothing bad about the lyrical delivery, but it does begin to come to the forefront towards the end of the EP, and I found my self over analysing the vocals rather then trying to enjoy the EP. “Lets Talk” sees out the EP out and while enjoying it, I wasn’t blown away. I need to put into perspective however that this is just my view and I’m sure many fans will want to disagree vehmently, which I can totally understand.

Conclusion : A great EP, which I really enjoyed, but one I felt could do with a little tweaking in the vocal department. I’m not sure it’s the vocals themselves, or the mix, but I did enjoy the EP nonetheless.

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