Album – Walking Backwards Thru The City – Daniel Bon and the Future Ghosts

Posted by admin on October 13th, 2007

I suppose I could be considered a bit of an old fart when it comes to the kind of music I like. It’s not that I consciously prefer slower paced, more easy going songs, it’s just that I really love a good melody and appreciate well crafted lyrics, this is something that seems to be amiss from many rock bands. This is not something that was a concern with this album from Daniel Bon and the FUTURE ghosts.

This eleven track album has a very contemporary sound, very much akin to Fall Out Boy and the plethora of other emo bands. It’s the music however that differentiates this from the whole emo scene, being a much more well rounded sound. Again, something that seems to be happening a lot lately, the album opens with a very strong track, in this case “In the Meantime”, which really gets you up to speed with what to expect. “You Don’t have to Stay” was a really interesting song, and it wasn’t until this track and actually while writing this album, that I finally thought of who the lead singer occasionally reminds me off. That would be Ali Champbell from UB40, not an artist I’ve heard in a long while.

“When You Go Away”, is a real upbeat and driven song, that I can just imagine blasting out the car stereo, while burning up the motorway. “In the Middle of the World” has a wonderful production quality to it and is just amazing to listen to while wearing headphones, especially that ethereal guitar sound that floats in and out throughout the track.

The second half of the album begins with “Last Goodbye”, yet another great example of a well written pop/rock song and indeed apart from the first track, I really feel that the second half of the album, is where it really shines, where it’s just track, after track of great pop songs. The end of the album, comes far too soon, but to accompany us to the end is “Boston Tonight”, a track where you can just sense everything winding down and it’s almost sad to hear the last note and know this cracking album is over. Thankfully it’s painless to hit the play button all over again.

Conclusion : Certainly a more contemporary sound, than the usual bands reviewed on Indie Launchpad, but it’s nice to be given a good kick up the backside. Good music, is good music, no matter what the genre.

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