Album – Catch the Brass Ring – Ferraby Lionheart

Posted by admin on September 27th, 2007

Sounding like some kind of British eccentric, Ferraby Lionheart is certainly a name you won’t forget in a hurry. This is doubly so, when you actually take a listen to his latest album.

Right out of the gate, you know this is going to be something quite different. The first track, “Uno Ballo Della Luna”, has the feel of a children’s lullaby, with a production style, that makes it almost sound like an AM radio. It almost feels like a throw away intro track, lasting just a tad under two minutes. The album proper begins for me, when “Small Planet” begins to play, but really captured me when it got to the chorus. “Vermont Avenue” is a delicate song, sounding almost like a throwback to the 60’s, just my cup of tea. “Call me the Sea” continues the most delicate of melodies and softest of vocals, and you just can’t help but fall in love with the direction things are taking. “The Car Maker” reminds me a lot of the Kinks in the 70’s, an album in particular that springs to mind is the soundtrack to the movie “Percy”, suffice to say I’m not going to go into the details of the movie, but let’s just say it’s not a cinematic tour de force.

“A Bell and Tumble” effortlessly rolls the album into it’s second half and it’s just about then that I noticed how great the musical accompaniment is. It has a very eclectic and spontaneous feel to it, giving the album, that magical creative spark. “Under the Texas Sky” really shines a spotlight on Ferraby’s voice, which is very distinctive and full of character. “Youngest Frankenstein” while not having the most inspiring of titles, also unfortunately is probably my least favourite track on the album, as it just seems to plod along. “Before We’re Dead” takes an interesting turn, sounding at first like something from a New Orleans funereal procession at the beginning, but soon gets into a more contemporary sound.

Rounding things off are “The Octopus and the Ambulance” and “Put me in Play” and you can’t help but feel like Ferraby had some out of body experience when coming up with the titles of some of his songs, which range from the strange, to the bizarre, but somehow, it’s all in keeping with what you expect. This last track is also a favourite of mine and rounds things off nicely.

Conclusion : Certainly a name to keep tabs on and certainly not one you are going to forget in a hurry. Couple that with just the most interesting and wonderful music and you’re all set.

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