Album – The Flame You Follow – Jason Spooner

Posted by admin on August 16th, 2007

I first heard this album while wearing my review headphones. Those are the big bulky kind, that used to be popular in the 70’s. Whilst they’re no match for the epic 70’s proportions, they do have a deep rich sound and compliment this album very well. The album opens with “Black and Blue”, and I was immediately struck by Jason’s voice. I have to be honest, male vocalist, don’t have the same kind of impact on me, that their their female counterparts do, but there’s something about Jason’s voice that really held my interest.

Musically the album has a very Paul Simon feel to it. Vocally it’s a lot richer, but there’s no mistaking, the musical genius that lies beneath. “All That We Know”, has a very bluesy/rock feel to it. Most of this comes from the double bass that drives the beat along and man does it get my toes going. “Spaceship” for me is a truly magical track and probably the highlight of the album. It’s while listening to this track, that I really became aware of how good the production of this album is. Everything about it is well balanced and you can’t help but feel that a lot of hard work has gone into it.

The title track on the album, while a good track, doesn’t have the fire in it’s belly that I expect a title track to have. Not that it has to be fast paced, or in your face, but I always expect it to be a track that should showcase the album. This seems to be something that’s happened quite a bit lately, especially on the albums I’ve reviewed.

The album rounds off with “Hover”, a wonderfully laid back, that serves as almost a lullaby, putting the album to bed. Fantastic. Another unsolicited gem, that was thankful thrust under my nose by my old friend Jeffrey at Crash Avenue. Cheers mate.

Conclusion : This is one of those albums, that I’ve played to death, since I got it in. Pure gold.

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