Album – Arena Ready – Bob Kemmis

Posted by admin on July 12th, 2007

This album was originally released in 2005, and no I haven’t been sitting on it since then. A relatively recent find for me, this is just one of those albums, that has your feet tapping in the first few seconds. The first track is “Late Night Advice”, which has that perfect pop mix, reminding me of all the things that were right about Crowded House and Squeeze. That perfect balance, that runs like an artery throughout the whole album, which makes for great listening.

“Freak Luck” is one of those songs that has all the hallmarks of a great 60’s bubblegum pop record, with hints of organ and brass. The melody is delightfully simple with a hook that has you singing the song in your head, long after it’s finished. “Letter to Gotham” has a darker feel to it and words that are kind of out there. There’s hints of Simon and Garfunkel and even, dare I say it, The Beatles, but it’s pure magic all the way.

“Figured Out” has a very 70’s British Rock feel to it, reminding me a lot of Elvis Costello, with a tinge of Squeeze, which is fine by me, as they are two cracking artists in themselves. The Elvis Costello sound continues over into “Tell Me It’s Not True”, but where Elvis has that wonderfully softened, hard edge, Bob’s voice is a lot more melodic and easier on less forgiving ears.

“The End of This Song” is for me the weakest track on the album., never quite finding it’s groove. I love the concept of the next song, “My Green Shirt”, which is about, well I’m sure you can guess. It’s a wonderful track of melodic, lyrical whimsy.

All of the songs here, have that incredible musical touch, resulting in an album that’s easy on the ear, interesting to listen to and just simple, downright fun.

Conclusion : Canadian pop at it’s best. What more do I need to say.

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