EP – Carousel – Dr Robotnik

Posted by admin on March 17th, 2007

I get a lot of requests to be added to my friends list on mySpace. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Indie Launchpad friends list is purely for artists who have already been reviewed. All requests however are investigated and if their music sounds interesting, I always ask for an album or EP to be submitted. This was the case with Dr Robotnik, who I assume gets his name from the arch villain in Sonic the Hedgehog. What was different and this happens now and again, was that after hearing just 1 track, I was chomping at the bit to hear more. Admittedly there were four tracks on the mySpace page, 3 of which are included on the EP reviewed here, but I always find the listening experience to be completely different when away from the computer.

The opening track on the EP is “Carousel”, which apparently contains some samples from Scott Walker, yes he of the Walker Brothers, who’s works I must admit I’m not too up on.The track begins with a slow build up, with what sounds like a Xylophone sample used throughout and then a bass guitar comes in. However it’s when the vocals come in, that the whole thing gels into one amazing track. There’s a very ethereal quality to the whole track and many other elements that really give your ears lots to enjoy. The second track “FYI”, always reminds me of the TV show Space 1999. Just the opening few seconds, but that mental image always surfaces. Once the track gets started though, a very drum and bass style takes over. “It Matters Not” with it’s heavy piano and drum emphasis, delivers a much more laid back track. The final track “Not Long Ago”, goes for a totally different kind of imagery and feels like a track at odds with itself. This conflict however works well and rounds the EP off nicely.

A final mention has to go the the vocals provide throughout the EP. They’re very distinctive and all provided by Simon Batten, the creative genius behind Dr Robotnik. Everything about this EP screams quality and was just a sheer joy to listen to.

Conclusion : I love this EP, although technically it’s only available as individual tracks. It was supplied to me as an EP, so that’s how I’m reviewing it. It’s inventive, intelligently produced and such a great showcase for Dr Robotnik. I’m eagerly awaiting what the future may bring.

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