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Posted by admin on January 7th, 2007

  • Band / Artist : Blip BlopmySpace
  • Genre : Down-tempo / Jazz / Nu-Jazz
  • Sample Track Download : Crane
  • Buy CD : CD Baby
  • Buy Digital Download : iTunes
  • Rating : 8 out of 10

When I hear something interesting, I just have to investigate further. So it was with Blip Blop, a sort of electronica, jazz fusion, which you kind of expect to fall flat on it’s face, but doesn’t. I’m not saying this is an album for all occasions, it’s not. It’s very much an album used for a certain time or moment. For me that moment is when I just want to relax, but give my brain something to chew on.

The album is no slouch, with 13 tracks totalling nearly 50 minutes. There’s many influences throughout the album, but there’s also a sort of sound fingerprint, the allows this album to have it’s own individuality/personality. It also has a very improvised feel it it, with at times the bare minimum of production. which at times almost feels like a live performance, especially the piano which is spread out over the album.

This isn’t the kind of release where you break everything down track by track, but there are a few tracks that stand out. The first one is “Sweety Cakes”, which has that great down temp sound. Then there’s “Angelene” which has a wonderfully live sound and also a very dated quality, but it holds together very well. The album rounds off with the wonderfully eclectic “Crane”. The only track that I didn’t particularly like was “Blip, Blop, Drop”, with the train like vocals that just drive me insane, or rather more insane than I was.

I love the diversity of independent music and without it, many talented musicians would have no voice to make their works heard.

Conclusion : Something different indeed, but a treat to get something in that’s a bit off the beaten track. Great stuff.

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